MSLLBLUE-LD    Mens Denim Light Blue Sleeveless
Like those quiet calm drives with the open road and clear skies? Maybe
it's the blue from the sky that relaxes us or maybe it's the wind on our
face but either way, we are now in our happy place. The best
combination of calm and comfort sewn together. This light blue wonder,
matches the skies above for your summer drives. Keeping you cool even
through the hot days. Made from quality materials, fitting great is too
easy. For those who want to add more than 1 color to their outfit
selection, we have a wide range of colors to customize your style. This
was designed for people who like sleeveless shirts. The stylish look
attracts new customers to fall in love with the new scheme of not being
bound by sleeves on warm days.

Size:  S - 5XL              
SALE:  $ 29.95