Wood is the ultimate substrate for contour formation and continuance of the foot beds. Orthopedists create foot beds, insoles and orthodics from material that does not bend, compress, twist or lose its integrity. Alder Wood  (belonging to the birch family) has all of these properties and more.

Your foot is made up of many, many different bones, muscles and tendons that are under hundreds of pounds of pressure per square inch and stress. This tremendous pressure creates fatigue that is transmitted throughout your entire lower extremities. We believe if we can support your feet properly, this fatigue is minimized.

Man made materials, and adulterated natural materials such as cork, leather, plastic tend to twist and compresses. What feels soft and supportive can be a fleeting sensation that is soon replaced with fatigue discomfort and possible injury. 

Wood has an ultimate memory; it does not move. Your foot goes back to the same position, step after step. It makes sense, your feet do not have to work so hard!

Our clogs are carved exclusively from ALDER WOOD. Bastad/Troentorp is the only modern day clog manufacturer that uses alder wood. It is light and easy to shape, strong and will not split. Alder wood is a  unique wood that  has natural odor neutralizers and moisture absorption. It makes the perfect clog! Experienced professionals and clog wearers know… “IT’S IN THE WOOD!” red, as TROENTORP.  Many of our return customers that are aware of the name change, call the clogs Bastad/Troentorp.

Today, working in the tradition and art of Johansson, the craftsmen of Troentorp bring you the finest in hand made clogs.

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