Our clogs have been handmade for over 100 years.  We carve our own wooden bottoms and our leather uppers are hand wet lasted and nailed to the wood.  Each pair has its own individual look.  No two pairs is identical.

You can expect small irregularities with each clog.  We as a dealer of Bastad/Troentorp take pride in our work, but we limited our warranty to manufacturing defects such as miss-stitched leather, split wood ONLY at the time of delivery and leather cuts and blemishes.  Wood split in the toe after wear is due to moisture and it's replacement is not warranted.

We do not warranty the hand-nailing to be perfectly regular, nor do we guarantee the leather to be perfectly trimmed.  A human being does this cobbling and we all know we can't be perfect!

The Bastad/Troentorp Clog wears for a very long time, but it is impossible to warranty this.  Everyone wears a clog differently and we hope you will get the life out of your pair that a majority of our customers do.

Concerns about your clogs should be first brought to the attention of your retailer that they were purchased from.  They will in turn, contact Bastad/Troentorp regarding your concern or claim.

Thank you for purchasing your Bastad/Troentorp Clogs.  We sincerely hope you enjoy the comfort of wood.